Van gear linkage repairs

We have an excellent cheap, easy solution to common gear linkage problems found on the Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault trafic and Nissan Primastar vans.

Unfortunately this is a common problem to all three, we advise preventative maintenance using one of our kits as repairing a gear linkage can be an expensive business.

"I've just had my gear linkage cable replaced on my Vauxhall Vivaro.  A week later I had the same problem coming off the ball joint"

"Had this happen to me.  I wouldn't pay for a new cable set from the gear stick.  What a bad design, you'd think there would just be a securing clip"

"Had the same problem on Nissan Primastar 03.  Cable ties work a treat but are tricky to get into place"

"Before replacing any cables i've just had the same problem.  Mine was really hard to get into gear.  I took it to Vauxhall who said I needed new cables at £149 and probably a new gearbox at £1,300."

The gearbox linkage is manufactured from both metal and plastic parts and it is the plastic part that wears significantly over time causing such problems.  The main issue being the plastic linkage connectors at the gearbox side.

A metal ball joint connects to the plastic made linkage connector.  It is a round plasic connector with a hole in the centre that simply clicks over the ball joint.

Unfortunately every time you change gear, inherrent wear and tear in the plastic gear connector is inevitable.  This gradual erosion of the plastic part will eventually cause the linkage to dismount from the gearbox resulting in you struggling to find your gears in the van.

When this happens you will be face with a number of choices:

1.  You can town your van away to a mechanic, if you have breakdown cover then this won't be too expensive - you will still ned a gear linkage repair.

2.  Try to return hom if you are lucky to be stuck in a suitable gear - you will still ned a gear linkage repair.

3.  Try a temporary fix using plastic cable ties - a temporary solution and can prove difficult as there is not much space in the gearbox and of course you will need to put the linkage connector back on.  You will also need to attach the cable tie around the gearbox mounting, the linkage connector and tighten the cable tie, but not too tightly as if you do it may break when you change gear.  A temporary fix as it is plastic again which is more prone to erosion over time.

The best alternative, by far, and possibly the cheapest and most cost effective is to permanently address the gear linkage problem.

Swap your plastic gear linkage part for a one of our specially designed and CNC fabricated metal gear linkage repair kits which go around the gear linkage connector and the gear box ball joint.  These are easily fitted, coming with instructions, this is really a no brainer!

Vans affected incude the Vauxhall Vivaro 2001 onwards, Renault trafic 2001 onwards and the Nissan Primastar 2001 onwards.

Associated gear linkage part numbers include 9319834, 7701477671, 7701473971, 4432979, 7701477672, 112883, 34828, 4432979, 93198015, 8201283105.

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