Vauxhall Movano gear cable/linkage repair kit

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Vauxhall Movano gear cable/linkage repair kit

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At under £10 this Vauxhall Movano gear cable/linkage repair kit is a permanent and preventative solution to your gear problems.


Gear cable repair kit for Vauxhall Movano

If you are a Vauxhall Movano driver affected by this common problem with the gear linkage/gear cable selector bush falling off during your driving then we have the best cheap solution.
The Vauxhall Movano gear linkage/ gear box repair clip costing less than £10 addresses the problem with ease, typically in less than 2 minutes as it can be fitted without taking off any of the Vauxhall Movano's standard parts and requires no specialist tools. For less than £10 this Vauxhall Movano gear repair kit will provide piece of mind as it is a permanent fix.

Why should you fit this product to your Vauxhall Movano?

A common fault occurring frequently in the Vauxhall Movano causing the gear selector cable to wear in the pivot socket eventually detaching whilst driving your Vauxhall Movano van.  This issue is sorted by our gear linkage repair kit which prevents the plastic selector cables from falling off the posts due to wear and tear in the plastic cups. Our repair kit takes approximately 30 seconds to secure. This Vauxhall Movano gear box repair kit repairs 1 of the 2 selector cables i.e. the white left cable only which is the one that normally wears.

What this product does to your Vauxhall Movano

What this will not do is repair the faulty stiff gearbox that causes the cable wear and it to fall off in the first place (that costs over £1000). You might spend in excess of £300 fitting new gear cables only for them to fall off !   This Vauxhall Movano gear linkage repair kit will permanently affix the cable to the Vauxhall Movano's gear selector linkage.

About our Vauxhall Movano gear linkage repair kits

Our metal made product is manufactured from the highest quality materials, designed and manufactured using a state of the art CNC machine in the UK.  With hundreds of already successful Vauxhall Movano repairs, seek to bring you the most perfect product that we can design, we try to cover what the manufacturers may have missed.  With no awkward fittings to affix the Vauxhall Movano gear linkage repair kit, it will sort your problem easily. 


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